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--==> QUESTIONS and ANSWERS <==-- > About posting a request

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# fran (Супер потребител) на 2007-07-14 14:28:04 (704 седмици ) ЦитирайОтиди най-горе
All users with rank higher than Power User can add their request HERE
Following these guidelines can guarantee that your request will be filled up.

1. Before adding your request, search whether the file is already uploaded in the tracker.
You may try different variations of your search - for example a word of the file or all categories and etc.

Movies - XViD / HDTV / DVD-R / Anime / XXX
Type the name of the movie in English. If the movie is not English, try typing its native language (Russian, Bulgarian or so)
Music - MP3 / DTS / DVD / Clips
Type the name of the album / singer or group
Games - PC ICO / PS RIP / PS / Consoles
Type the original name of the game you are looking for.
Programs - PC ICO / others
Type the original name of the program you are looking for.
TV series
Type the name in English or in its native language.
Type the name in English or in its native language

2. Next, choose the category.
Choose the right and appropriate category for your request.

3. In the box "Коментар за заявката", give short and clear information for the file.
Type something which could be in help of those who want to upload the file and would help for the easier and faster finding of the file.

Release year, crew, link to a movie database site - IMDB,,,,, The Movie Vault
Release year, genre or link to the review of the album.
Release year, genre, link to a game portal -,, IGN, Gamespy
Version, a short review, link to a programs database site - Download.COM, Download.BG
TV Series
Release year, genre, link to a TV database site - TV.COM,
If you want it ripped from a BG TV : the TV channel, which it'll be aired on, date and time and optionally some more info.
Books/ Comics
Author, site, connected to the release.
If you want comic book : name and episode of the request

4. Make sure that your request is filled up correctly and press the button GO.

Rules for making a requests:
1. Fill out everything, when you make a request : name, category, comment
2. Making a request for a single song, subtitles, child pornography or materials with violent scenes is forbidden.

If you don't follow these rules, your request will be deleted and there is a chance you get a warning.
Requests are being deleted if the requested file is already uploaded on the tracker, but that's not checked.

To the users, who are making requests:
Be tolerant to the uploaders who are filling your requests. Help them however you can : direct links if you have a bad connection and etc.

A fine example for a request.

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# fran (Супер потребител) на 2007-07-14 14:37:47 (704 седмици ) ЦитирайОтиди най-горе
Making a request for music clips. Before adding your request, read these rules:

#1 Make sure that the clip is not already uploaded.

#2 In the title of the request, type the name of the singer/band and the name of the song. Don't type anything else like "please", "pls" and etc.

#3 Type the name of the singer/band and the name of the song in the titles. There is no any sense to type them again in the comment box.

#4 Do not make more than 1 request for the same clip.

#5 Do not use that category if you want a movie, music, porn, TV commercial clip and etc.

#6 If you request is still not uploaded, please be patient. That means that we're having some difficulties.

#7 Please don't spam the comments of the requests

#8 If you want something which is already requested, just vote for the existing request, without adding one more.

#9 Be specific!

We'll be extremely grateful if you follow these rules.

# B1 (VIP) на 2013-12-19 12:46:41 (369 седмици ) ЦитирайОтиди най-горе
Requests are closed.

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